Would you like to improve the performance of your staff or are you looking for a new and exciting way to reward your customers? We work with companies to create unique, tailored, hypnotherapeutic audio across a wide range of subjects. We've partnered with HR departments to motivate employees and developed programmes for organisations to enhance their customers' experiences. We can manage this in-house, or provide you the tools to deliver it through your own site.

If you are a brand owner wanting to positively influence the mindset of your customers in a very safe and relaxing way then we can help you.

We create and distribute ethically sound, hypnotherapeutic audio, tailored exclusively for your customers and relating specifically to your brand or service.

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We have many years of experience to help us understand your marketing objectives. We will translate this understanding into positive, powerful, hypnotherapeutic audio, which will enhance the experience or service you offer.

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