Hypnotherapy is the safe therapeutic communication to the creative, subconscious mind, formulated to influence new, more desirable automatic behaviours of choice. Self-hypnosis is the process of taking oneself safely into the same state of deep subconscious relaxation, and accepting words or suggestions spoken or created by oneself or recorded by a clinical hypnotherapist – in this case me!

Hypnotherapy is the method of communication that induces a trance-like state. 'Trance' is a naturally occurring state in which one's attention is narrowly focused and relatively free of distractions. The focus of attention is so narrow that other stimuli in the environment are ignored or blocked out of conscious awareness for a time. Examples of trance states are daydreaming and some forms of meditation. Every person's experience of hypnosis is unique. It should be an enjoyable experience, and is perfectly safe.

Hypnotherapy can help you enter a relaxed, comfortable, trance-like state for obtaining specific therapeutic outcomes.  The therapist makes suggestions designed to help you formulate specific internal processes (feelings, memories, images) that will lead to desired outcomes. I have created for you a range of common programmes and can create bespoke programmes too.