The Hypnostick™ is a unique product created by MyMindWorks Limited and available exclusively from www.mymindworks.co.uk. 

It is a small, lightweight, personal mp3 player, preloaded with your chosen hypnotherapy audio. So, once you’ve found a safe, comfortable place (bed, sofa, favourite chair, airline seat, etc) you need only put the earphones in, press the play button and close your eyes. No messing around looking for a convenient cd player, this is your very own hypnotherapist in your pocket.

The Hypnostick is powered by battery (supplied) and comes with a full set of instructions to make the process of change very easy for you. To conserve battery, the Hypnostick will turn itself off at the end of the programme. There is enough memory on the stick for up to six further audio programmes, purchased subsequently as downloads.