Overcome first tee nerves with your own hypnotherapy programme. Enhance your state of mind for a successful round every time. Simply sit back, press play and become the golfer you've always dreamed of becoming...

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A poor first tee shot is a sure fire way to damage your score, leaving you fuming, embarrassed and bringing negative thoughts into your head from hole one. However, help is at hand in the form of Tim Smale's powerful First Tee Nerves self hypnotherapy programme. Created in collaboration with PGA Pro Chris Jenkins, the programme combines powerful hypnotic suggestion with trusted golf instruction, leaving your body relaxed, calm and confident, free from unwanted tension and negative thinking. When listening to 'Beat First Tee Nerves' you will discover ways to relax the mind and body quickly, and learn skills to ignore what's going on around you and focus only on the shot. You will soon be able to visualise the shot you want to play and then play it!

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