Change your attitude to eating and exercise for good, dispelling the need for faddy diets with your own hypnotherapy programme. Simply press play, close your eyes and drift ... 

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Take back control of your relationship with food and your motivation to exercise with HypnoSlim. One of the hardest parts of making a diet or fitness regime work is harnessing the willpower to change eating and exercise habits for good. The key to success is within your subconscious mind, and self-hypnotherapy is an amazing tool that can help you make and stick with these changes. This safe and relaxing 30 minute programme helps coach your mind to eat and drink for your physical needs only, removing the desire to eat or drink when bored, lonely or stressed. The soothing, self-hypnotic suggestion helps your resolve to become a healthy, happy eater and has the power to boost dramatically your self esteem and confidence too.

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