What our customers have to say... 

"One of our directors found Tim via an article by Alastair Campbell in The Times in 2004. We subsequently used Tim's one-to-one service to help our senior execs perform with more self-belief and confidence. A few years ago we commissioned Tim to supply us with recorded audio, tailored to help a large number of our other employees. It has made a huge difference." PLC HR Director.

"Having played off a single figure handicap for most of my career, I was amazed at how much more focussed and relaxed I was after having listened to Tim's short game programme. I haven't told anyone about it, but other members have commented on how calm I am, even on big pressure shots. The Hypnostick is such a great idea too." Derek, Golf Club Captain.

"I met Tim at a magazine reader event last year and he did a talk on hypnotherapy for weight loss. I bought a Hypnostick for slimming and kept falling asleep when I listened to it, so I was amazed that over a couple of months I lost 10 lbs without any trouble whatsoever. I just changed my relationship with food without denying myself any of the things I love. It's been amazing." Deidre, Lincoln.

"I used to be terrified of flying but my husband bought me a little mp3 player with your recording on it. I listen to it the night before any holiday and I never get anxious on the plane anymore, even in turbulence. So much so that we're now planning a more adventurous long haul holiday, which I could never have contemplated before. Thank you so much. My husband is delighted, and so am I." Debbie, Cornwall.

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