Tim Smale, hypnotherapist. I set up my London practice in 2003 and became established as a 'mind coach' in the corporate world, boosting confidence, self esteem and performance amongst individuals in every workplace, and amongst a growing number of celebrities. My aim was to remove anxieties, doubts and fears to enable and empower those individuals to achieve much more of their true potential.

Tim Smale

Having spent the best part of 20 years myself in the corporate world, I was very familiar with the adverse effects that stress, negative thinking and catastrophising could have on performance and health.

I was so amazed by how the subconscious mind could be positively reprogrammed and put back on track via the safe and relaxing process of hypnotherapy, that I decided that if it could change my life then it could work for anyone.

It became my mission.

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By creating my own unique blend of hypnotherapy- a mixture of cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques – I noticed that even the most stubborn, analytical individuals would allow positive change to manifest in an amazingly short time.

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